How to Get to Team Finland House

Emeet Nordic is held at Team Finland House at Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki. For more instructions please visit the Business Finland website.

Customer parking in Team Finland House is located in front of the building and at the Ilmarinen garage.

Parking space is limited but you may find more parking spots at Ruoholahden kauppakeskus (Ruoholahti Shopping center). Both garages have the same main entrance (the ramp to the garage is at Salmisaarenkatu 9).


Emeet Nordic
Date: May 17th
Location: Team Finland House, Helsinki

The e-commerce conference Emeet is expanding to Finland.

Emeet is Sweden’s largest unconference and one of the nation’s largest e-commerce events. The conference takes place in three of the country’s largest cities and draws a crowd of over a thousand e-retailers every year – which is significant considering it is an unconference. More on unconferences over on this page.

Emeet is run by Ehandel.se which is the largest news’ site covering e-commerce in the Nordics by far. While Ehandel.se has a readership that stretches beyond its home country Emeet has not ventured outside of Sweden yet – but that is about to change.

On May 17th 2018 Emeet once again  lands in Helsinki, the Finnish capital. In partnership with the public organization Business Finland – consisting of Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland – Ehandel.se is launching the international version of Emeet called Emeet Nordic. More on Business Finland over on this page.

  • Kari Pokkinen
    Kari Pokkinen

    Emeet is something that has been missing from the Finnish e-commerce scene – A major international event from e-tailers to e-tailers. At eCom Growth, we have been hosting multiple e-tailer clubs around the country. According to our experience, peer-to-peer sparring has been efficient and agile at developing cross-border e-commerce. We are very excited to have Finnish and Swedish e-commerce professionals at the same table, said Kari Pokkinen, Program Director, Business Finland.

If you want to learn more about e-commerce and dig into the hottest topics the business has to offer then head over and get your tickets now! It is free to attend for retailers with an active online store.

Video about Emeet (Finnish):

How it all started

Emeet was founded in conjunction with the event Stockholm Social Media Exchange (SSMX). The year was 2011 and during SSMX one Swedish e-retailer, Peter Höjman, tweeted out that he wanted to meet other e-commerce businesses during the lunch break.

The people who joined the meet – the founders Peter, Magnus, Wilma and Rikard – very soon realized that there was room for a conference only for e-retailers. They chose the format unconference, more on that here, and the first official Emeet gathered 70 people in Stockholm.

It quickly grew to a few hundred attendees and eventually it became too much for the founders to maintain – next to their own businesses. They sold the event to Ehandel.se as they trusted the news’ site to maintain the core values of Emeet.


An unconference is not like a conventional conference. The main difference is that the people attending the conference are those who create the agenda for the day of the event.

Emeet is a hybrid of this and a more conventional conference. There are usually some things predetermined and put on the agenda ahead of time. Most of the content is however created by the participants during the day.

Benefits of this setup are that the discussions during the conference are fresh and on topic in regard to what the biggest hurdles are in the e-commerce industry right now. Another is that the conference is free for owners of an e-commerce store. The Partners of the event pay for the premises and the food during the day and the evening. There is usually a big dinner at the end of the day.

The Grid?

You may hear of “the grid” during some point and this is nothing to fear. It is just a lattice grid made up of tape and blank papers – stuck to a wall – that are filled during the day with the different meetups and talks, most made up by the attendees themselves.

What the grid may look like:

The grid is filled during the day with subjects that people want to talk about.






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