An unconference is not like a conventional conference. The main difference is that the people attending the conference are those who create the agenda for the day of the event.

Emeet is a hybrid of this and a more conventional conference. There are usually some things predetermined and put on the agenda ahead of time. Most of the content is however created by the participants during the day.

Benefits of this setup are that the discussions during the conference are fresh and on topic in regard to what the biggest hurdles are in the e-commerce industry right now. Another is that the conference is free for owners of an e-commerce store. The Partners of the event pay for the premises and the food during the day and the evening. There is usually a big dinner at the end of the day.

The Grid?

You may hear of “the grid” during some point and this is nothing to fear. It is just a lattice grid made up of tape and blank papers – stuck to a wall – that are filled during the day with the different meetups and talks, most made up by the attendees themselves.

What the grid may look like:

The grid is filled during the day with subjects that people want to talk about.